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Learning Outcomes

Commuter and Off-Campus Life Learning Outcomes

Commuter and Off-Campus Life Student Learning Outcomes

  • Through engaging with Commuter and Off-Campus Life programs, students will develop a sense of belonging at UIC.
    Alignment with Divisional Learning Goals: Belonging
  • Through engaging with Commuter and Off-Campus Life facilities, students will make a stronger connection to UIC.
    Alignment with Divisional Learning Goals: Belonging
  • Through engaging with Commuter and Off-Campus Life services, students will develop skills and practical knowledge to navigate their experience at UIC.
    Alignment with Divisional Learning Goals: Self-awareness
  • All Commuter and Off-Campus Life student employees will develop time management, communication, and other National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) skills while working with this unit.
    Alignment with Divisional Learning Goals: Skills to be real world ready

Student Engagement in Student Affairs

With one of the most diverse student populations in the nation, the University of Illinois Chicago is dedicated to providing a welcoming environment for its students and fostering a sense of belonging, academic success, student growth and development, diversity, and community.

Student Affairs provides enriching, co-curricular opportunities for every student to engage and build meaningful connections from orientation through graduation.

UIC Student Affairs provides a myriad of out of the classroom opportunities in which students engage in throughout their college experience. Through these experiences students are able to apply and connect what they are learning both in and outside the classroom. The approach to developing the student learning outcomes framework for Student Affairs is based on the premise that students first acquire knowledge related to these learning domains, are given the opportunity to apply the skills learned through their out of the classroom experiences, and ultimately integrate these skills into their lives to serve them beyond their time at UIC.

  • Divisional Learning Outcomes allow for integration and shared responsibility for student learning across units. These current learning goals and outcomes are the result of the divisional initiative to implement the curricular approach and were updated in June 2023.
  • Unit Learning Outcomes define what students will learn through multiple programs and services offered within a unit, including those designed and implemented in Commuter and Off-Campus Life as also highlighted above.

Student Engagement is a partnership between UIC and each student that bridges the learning that occurs inside and outside the classroom to prepare students for success beyond UIC.

Our Student Engagement Educational Priority is:
> Students will be “real-world ready,” socially-just leaders in their communities, grounded in an understanding of themselves and others.

The united Student Engagement departments listed below provide important pathways for engagement, leadership, service, and learning, uplifting this shared educational priority:

Commuter and Off-Campus Life is an integral part of UIC’s mission to provide the broadest access to the highest levels of educational, research and clinical excellence.