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Beginning your search for an apartment can be overwhelming. The Commuter Student Resource Center (CSRC) can offer a few places to begin your search.

Search Engine and Utilities Guide Heading link

Using our Off-Campus Housing Listing Page

Keep in mind:

  • All individuals with a NetID can view up-to-date listings around the Chicagoland area. Users can also search for roommates and post listings for rental properties and sublettings. To log in, click the NetID Login button on the right. You can apply for a temporary account here if you are still waiting to receive a NetID. Temporary accounts are only allowed to view ads.
  • It is in the student’s best interest to contact the landlord or roommate directly and make arrangements to see the accommodations and discuss any rules and negotiable terms. Users should exercise reasonable care when choosing landlords, tenants, or roommates. Users of this website should exercise a certain amount of caution and common sense when responding to requests to send them social security numbers or pre-payments.

For Landlords:

  • Landlords can list rental properties through our Off-Campus Housing database. This service is free and an excellent way to connect directly to UIC students. Newly registered landlords can create postings immediately. All postings will be made public upon approval of their account which usually takes between 1 –3 business days.
  • In addition to our Off-Campus Housing Listing page, you can visit a number of apartment-finding search engines online. Please view the list below for more information.

Apartment Agencies

Apartment Listing Sites

Student Housing Complexes

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In addition to the apartment search, it is also important to explore possible options related to your future utilities including gas, electric, cable, internet, and phone. The following resources are commonly viewed by those searching for apartments in the Chicago and Chicagoland areas.

Utilities & Amenities

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Knowing your rights and responsibilities as a tenant is crucial to living well off-campus. We have provided the following list of resources to help you stay informed.


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UIC Commuter Student Resource Center is in no way endorsing or speaking for the quality of the experience of these companies or agencies.

Students should navigate companies as an informed consumer and consult other resources and reviews. Students should use reasonable caution when signing with landlords and selecting roommates.