Rent a locker in the CSRC? Locker Item Retrieval (COVID-19 Options)

Rent a locker in the CSRC? Locker Item Retrieval (COVID-19 Options)

Hello Commuters – I hope this message finds you well.


My name is Kristina Garcia and I am the Associate Director for Commuter and Off-Campus Life at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I am reaching out to share an update regarding locker rental and items remaining in the Commuter Student Resource Center.


Renting a Locker? Retrieving Your Items
If you are receiving this message, you are confirmed as having a locker rented in the Commuter Student Resource Center (Student Center East, Suite 245). In light of the state Stay-at-Home directive being extended to May 31, we want to notify you of how we will store any belongings still in your lockers, for how long, and how you can retrieve them before or after we officially re-open.


  • Your Belongings:
    • As we are uncertain of when we will be permitted to return to standard operations throughout the summer, we want you to know that we plan to maintain your belongings until August 1st. Meaning, they will not be removed from your lockers. We hope to be given approval to reopen during the summer. At that point, we will share our new hours of operations and invite you to collect them at your convenience.
    • Note: We will not conduct locker clean out until after this assigned date (August 1st) and may adjust it later if needed. You will be notified of any changes via email.
  • Need Your Things Sooner?: If you find that you have essential belongings in your locker and need them sooner, simply email us at and we will help to coordinate how you can collect your belongings.

We recognize that there is a significant amount of uncertainty during these times. We mainly wish to highlight how to retrieve your belongings as you need them. We are also glad to maintain your items past the August 1st date by special request should you find you are unable to return before then.


Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know.




Kristina C. Alcozer Garcia, PhD

Associate Director, Commuter Student Advocacy and Student Engagement Student Affairs | Commuter Student Resource Center (CSRC) University of Illinois at Chicago

750 S. Halsted Street, Suite 245

Student Center East

Chicago, IL 60607


Preferred Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

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